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“Proceed As Love Despite All Evidence to the Contrary”

“Ultimately, everything is impermanent, and only Love is real.  This breath is precious, this moment is precious, and human companionship is precious.”

Self Compassion: the art of loving your messes

Sitting this past weekend working with Tonglen, the Tibetan compassionate practice of taking in pain and suffering and sending out blessings and wellbeing, using my heart to lift and absorb all the pain and suffering from the messes and mistakes of my life, which my head has doomed as terrible failures, a few lines from…Read More

Reduce Stress By Being the Creator of Your Daily Life

In this fast paced, actions oriented, stress filled world, the need to care for ourselves can not be overemphasized.  Despite knowing this, and possessing how to resources  such as   “putting ourselves into our schedule”, why is it still so difficult for many well intentioned people to consistently follow through with doing self-care activities? The…Read More